Customs Prepaid

With the Customs Prepaid solution, the shopper pays any duties and taxes in full at the time of purchase and pays nothing at the time of delivery. This solution makes duty, taxes and import processes the responsibility of the retailer.

A customs prepaid solution suits any shipments of goods which incur taxes and duties. The calculation of duties and taxes is based on different criteria, for example the value and type of goods, destination, local regulations and VAT threshold and incoterms.

Photo of young brown haired man with glasses in warehouse leaning over a parcel box and putting a label on it. Another man stands behind.

Benefits for shoppers and retailers

  • Final costs are clear from an early stage, with no unexpected fees upon delivery
  • A smoother delivery experience
  • Avoid presentation fees
  • Duty drawbacks may be available in some countries
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Gain competitive advantage by acquiring new customers and market shares
  • Faster handling at customs

Our customs prepaid solution will make custom clearance easier anywhere in the world