Which products are Spanish consumers buying online?

06 juli, 2016

De online markt van Spanje wordt weergegeven met de Spaanse vlag en een krijtbord met de woorden hablas espanol

Are you thinking about expanding your online business into Spain? Some insightful research reveals which products Spanish consumers are buying online and how they go about their purchases, from recommendations to payments.

German Ecommerce News has pulled together some of the latest statistics on e-commerce in Spain, citing respected specialists Cetelem and the National Observatory for Telecommunication and Information Society.

Cetelem’s ‘El Observatorio Cetelem Ecommerce 2015’ study reveals that leisure products are particularly popular with Spanish shoppers, with 65% buying entertainment tickets, books, music, and restaurant reservations online in the past year. With shoppers increasingly turning to the Internet to make their purchases, 30% of total retail sales were made online in 2015 ‒ a notable fact supported by Spanish consumers’ enthusiasm for other product categories, including:

  • Travel (63% of shoppers bought online)
  • Fashion (55% of shoppers bought online)
  • Electronics (54% of shoppers bought online)
  • Footwear and accessories (51% of shoppers bought online)

As these statistics reveal, Spanish buyers are looking to e-commerce for convenience in a wide range of product categories ‒ promising signs for cross-border retailers.

But what factors influence their purchases?

Cetelem’s study showed that shoppers turn to their friends and family for advice and recommendations, so having an excellent reputation is vitally important for retailers. Also, 35% of shoppers have bought using a mobile device (up from 23% in 2014), revealing the m-commerce potential of the market. Interestingly, 72% of Spanish consumers prefer to pay via PayPal ‒ another key consideration for online businesses.

With the Spanish e-commerce market worth €16.3bn in 2014 (according to the National Observatory for Telecommunication and Information Society), it’s clear that it offers potential to retailers.

Find out more about the interesting research here.