The Swiss e-commerce trends your business needs to know

18 januari, 2017

Thinking of expanding your business into Switzerland? It’s an exciting, and unique, market for retailers, but it’s important to keep up with the latest consumer habits and trends.

The Swiss e-commerce trend indicator 2016 report, produced by the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich (HWZ) and Swiss Post, reveals the facts you need to know.

Over 10,000 people from all language regions of Switzerland took part in the study, providing a very valuable snapshot into how and why Swiss consumers shop online.

Promisingly, half of Swiss shoppers make an online purchase every month, with a further 18% doing so weekly and 4% buying online every day. Just 5% of respondents never buy online, demonstrating how e-commerce is an integral part of day-to-day life in Switzerland.

Why do Swiss shoppers buy online?

Like many shoppers around the world, convenience is key for consumers in Switzerland. In fact, five of the six top reasons are based around convenience. 85% of online shoppers do so as they are not restricted by opening hours, while 82% buy online to find and compare offers more easily. 81% of consumers choose to shop online as they can have their purchases delivered to their homes. Interestingly, only 47% buy online for lower prices, suggesting that e-commerce businesses entering the Swiss market should focus more on exceptional service (such as a variety of delivery options and an easy-to-navigate website) than price competition.

M-commerce potential

Mobile is becoming a crucial part of the shopping experience for Swiss shoppers, but there are still gains to be made. Over half (56%) of consumers seldom or never use their smartphone for online purchases, citing reasons such as small displays, a cumbersome experience, and no mobile optimisation. With a mobile-responsive site, your business could stand out from the crowd.

Delivering a great experience

Ultimately, providing an exceptional customer experience will encourage Swiss shoppers to place orders with your business. An ‘appropriate payment process’ is valued by 91% of shoppers, while shop certification is seen as a trustworthy necessity for 82% of respondents. 79% of consumers expect good customer service ‒ while 76% cite free returns as important.

The report explores all of these trends and more; download it here to find out how you can get to know the Swiss consumer.