IKEA and the power of print

06 mei, 2015

Beeld uit de IKEA catalogus met een jonge gelukkige vrouw die haar kleine appartement in Parijs van 35 vierkante meter goed kon inrichten dankzij IKEA

IKEA is one brand that knows how to do publishing. In 2014, 217 million copies of the much-lauded IKEA catalogue were printed in 32 languages.

The catalogue’s iconic nature challenges that of Apple – or at least IKEA Singapore thinks so, creating a video parody earlier this year likening the 2015 edition to the latest Apple product launch. It has been watched nearly 17 million times, demonstrating the catalogue’s worldwide popularity – and highlighting the continued power of print.

But to build on brand loyalty and drive global interest in its interiors, IKEA also publishes a magazine, IKEA Family Live, for IKEA Family Card holders.

To maintain relevance to all members in countries around the world – in one (translated) magazine – it has a simple formula, "be real". As a result, it focuses on "real people, real homes and real style", showing how the IKEA community lives with IKEA products. Published by August Media in the UK, the magazine is mailed four times a year.

The magazine has evolved since its launch in 2007 to include a digital offering as a way of reaching more people, more often. There’s a monthly edition online at www.ikeafamilylivemagazine.com, which has a responsive design so readers can view it on a desktop, tablet or mobile. It also has a presence on social media – not just Facebook and Twitter, but also Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

"Both IKEA’s catalogue and magazine are good examples of how print can be used effectively across multiple markets."

IKEA Family Live has won several awards, from the UK’s Professional Publishers Association and the Association of Publishing Agencies for Best Customer/Consumer Magazine.