Direct Mail for E-Commerce Companies

11 oktober, 2017

Despite all the talk of digital, direct mail solutions have never been more relevant.

Spamming potential customers may be cheap, but this impersonal medium can quickly give recipients email fatigue as their inboxes are flooded with promotions. E-tailers should keep this in mind when they design their next marketing campaign if they wish to see results.

The most effective campaigns are omni-channel, encompassing direct mail, online, mobile, television, social media, podcast and out of home media to name a few. Recognising the value of the printed word, some of the world’s largest tech groups are harnessing direct mail to raise product awareness, gain market share and, ultimately, drive revenues.

Learn how the biggest brands are capitalizing on this traditional medium and why e-tailers should be doing the same, with our Direct Mail for E-commerce infographic below.

Our range of solutions makes direct mail across borders easy and reliable; supporting you with production, preparation and international delivery.

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