Cannes Lions print winners engage audiences of all ages

20 augustus, 2016

Potloden geven samen de vorm van een raket weer en de Cannes Lions awards met prijzen voor de beste marketing campagnes

The recent Cannes Lions awards have recognised some incredible marketing campaigns, including innovative and unique print and publishing work.

Interestingly, some of these campaigns are aimed very much towards children, acknowledging that this can actually be a crucial demographic to target, especially for educational initiatives.

Two of the campaigns celebrated by Cannes Lions, Paper Glasses and Politibooks, both apply a fun spin to serious issues.

Paper Glasses, by Save the Children and Santillana, is a health-based campaign rolled out in Mexico City, describing itself as ‘a simple vision test to keep children in school’. Aiming to tackle the high dropout rate caused by eyesight problems, Paper Glasses consists of a pair of black card spectacles, with perforations where the lenses should be. The glasses were placed in the Santillana School Guide, which is given to students, with a page of instructions on how to use the glasses to reveal any eye conditions as early as possible.

Politibooks, by El Ciudadano, is another American campaign designed to raise awareness with children, but of the local political situation in Chile. Politibooks takes five political scandals and transforms them into light-hearted tales with ‘simple and playful language’, helping children to understand the world around them. Politibooks won a Bronze Cannes Lion, while Paper Glasses was awarded Silver ‒ great examples of how creative campaigns can make a difference to children’s lives.

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