The Netherlands B2C eCommerce Report 2018

11 avril, 2018

The Dutch Ecommerce Market still expanding in growth potential; forecasted turnover for 2018 ≈ € 25 billion.

The Netherlands is a rather small country with a strong logistical infrastructure and a healthy and growing economy. Dutch B2C ecommerce turnover grew to €22.50 billion, pushed along by a growth rate of 13%.

In the coming year this is set to rise, with forecasted turnover of just below €25 billion and a growth rate of 10.87%. The amount e-shoppers are willing to spend has increased substantially in the last year to now over €1,500 per shopper, illustrating the growth potential in the ecommerce space.

Clothing is by far the largest revenue earner for e-retail revenue in the Netherlands (€2.29 billion), whilst the largest growing sector in terms of products was ‘Health and Beauty’ in 2017 (+46).

Dutch consumers aren’t a homogeneous group. The technological basis and rapid development of online shopping and social media has led to generational differences in Dutch online shoppers. For example ‘digitieners’ (14-20) mostly buy books, games or CDs/DVDs online and care less about privacy. ‘Generation X’ (36-55) are still attached to their tablets (64%).

With a very high level of internet penetration (96%), room for growth is not limited by access to online shopping. This is mirrored in the level of logistical infrastructure in the Netherlands, with many Dutch consumers stating they are happy with current standards when it comes to delivery. Therefore, innovation must be found in different areas.

When looking to advertising, the growth of social media could be a relevant avenue for growth. Furthermore, public opinion is moving towards being more open to mobile payment, with 49% of people saying they would like to be able to use mobile payment everywhere.

Delivery costs are still a major sticking point for Dutch consumers, and for 53% of shoppers it ranks highly. However, the speed of delivery ranked as the most encountered issue with online purchases (20%). Technical failure (11%) and wrong or damaged goods delivered (9%) were the second and third most common complaints. This further highlights the problem of the ‘last mile’ that B2C companies face in the Netherlands.

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