Customers of Asendia Eligible for Free Safe.Shop Gold Membership

26 juin, 2019

Asendia customers now have free access to a gold membership for Safe.Shop, the global ecommerce trust mark.

To be successful, internet retailers must take steps to reassure online shoppers that they are worthy of their trust. This is especially true in regards to cross-border sales where the fear of fraud, identity theft, and stolen data is heightened for online shoppers. For etailers selling globally, it’s more important than ever to gain the trust of international shoppers by demonstrating that shopping on your website will be a safe and secure experience from start to finish.

Asendia and the Ecommerce Foundation have been working together for years to help online retailers expand around the globe with advice, content, and research. In October 2017, the Ecommerce Foundation launched Safe.Shop, the first global ecommerce trust mark, with the goal of improving customer confidence for online shoppers while further boosting the ecommerce trade worldwide.

We are excited to announce that customers of Asendia can now benefit as well and receive the Safe.Shop trust seal and review system for free, after completing the verification by Safe.Shop! There is a high level of trust in the industry for Safe.Shop-certified businesses as they adhere to a Global E-commerce Code of Conduct that incorporates guarantees on 11 criteria. This level of trust allows online shoppers to purchase from sellers around the world with confidence. As a results, certified online retailers benefit with an increase in online sales both nationally and internationally.

“At Asendia we strongly believe that e-commerce is a global game. That´s why we support Safe.Shop, a global trust seal to help consumers and e-tailers shop and sell across the globe,” said Pia Elster, Marketing Manager, Asendia Nordic and Benelux.

To learn more about how Safe.Shop helps online retailers increase their sales, watch their video below. Then, register at Asendia & Safe.Shop today!

Learn more about the Safe.Shop trust seal & review system and register for free today!