Analysing Your Direct Marketing Campaign

24 avril, 2019

A lot of very useful data can be gathered from a direct marketing campaign.

Tracking the responses with a specific code will enable you to link results to the campaign itself. You can also create insights by comparing costs and response rates, for example, as well as factoring in the profits that you make. How does the income made compare to the cost? There are also some other key ways in which you can analyse your direct marketing campaign to get an accurate picture of its success:

  • What results did you achieve? If you were aiming to grow sales with the campaign, did you achieve the expected figures? If not, was there interest in the offer, but no actual sales – or, did the campaign fail to generate interest too? It can be as useful to look at the perceived ‘failures’ as the successes of the campaign, as these will show you where expectations were not met. If it looks as though there was interest, but this was never converted, it can be useful to map out the customer buying journey to see what might have stopped the conversion from happening.
  • How strong was the offer itself? Particularly if you didn’t quite achieve the results you were looking for, it may be the offer that was the problem. For an offer to be successful, it needs to deliver obvious benefits that are tailored to the target audience and clearly communicated in your mailing. Did you test this particular offer against another alternative before using it for your campaign – is this an offer that you’ve had success with before?
  • Did you time it right? You may have followed all the timing tips and launched the campaign at what you thought was exactly the right time. However, unintentionally, your direct mail campaign may have gone out at the same time as postal volumes peaked, such as a local election. Identifying this will give you important insight for next time.
  • Are you convinced of the quality of your list? A weak list can deal a fatal blow to a direct mailing campaign and analysing whether it was the right list to use is essential. You need to establish that this was the right list to use based on the results of the campaign and whether you were targeting the right people.
  • Could your design have been improved? Key elements to look at here include whether the mail you sent may have been too small to get noticed, whether the copy was strong enough, and whether the design really stood out. If you have any doubts, then ask others for their feedback.
A great direct mailing targets the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

Analysis is essential to help you to learn from every campaign so that you can generate increasingly more impressive results every time. With a well managed mailing programme and a carefully rolled out campaign you’ll be able to generate exceptional results from your marketing investment – as well as increased profits for your business.