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Press&Publishing » Trends, Tips & Facts | 03.02.2016


How can you get consumers to buy what you’re selling? For many companies, the answer lies in content – and some committed few are finding success in corporate publishing. More »

Press&Publishing » Best Practice, Case Study | 18.05.2015

How corporate publishing can drum up brand loyalty

All brands face the challenge of better engaging their audience, and that’s especially true of when there is so much competing for their attention. But carefully targeted content can win them over. More »

Press&Publishing » Trends, Best Practice | 06.05.2015

IKEA and the power of print

IKEA is one brand that knows how to do publishing. In 2014, 217 million copies of the much-lauded IKEA catalogue were printed in 32 languages. More »

Press&Publishing » Trends | 17.12.2014

Importance of corporate publishing continues to increase

Asendia talks to Dr Andreas Siefke, Chairman of Forum Corporate Publishing, about the importance of content and the role of addresses and distribution. More »

Press&Publishing » Trends, Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 25.09.2014

Corporate Publishing: Sell without the obvious sell

Consumers are in control: they don’t have to pay attention to you. So how do you stand any chance of making them bite – and ultimately buy – your product or service? For many companies, the answer lies in content; while the committed few are finding success in corporate publishing. More »