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Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing » Trends, Tips & Facts | 29.09.2016

The power of the physical letter

When it comes to sending and receiving international business post, paper-based documentation still retains more credibility and generates more trust than internet-based methods of communication, as a new study commissioned by Swiss Post proves. More »

Direct Marketing » Trends, Best Practice | 21.09.2016

A fun direct mail campaign with an ecological message

Innovative direct mail campaigns often combine the senses, contrasting unique forms with interesting textures. But the message behind a campaign is equally as important, and can be conveyed in an impactful manner when reinforced by a distinctive creative style. More »

Direct Marketing » Trends, Best Practice | 24.08.2016

Epic Denim - a multifaceted direct mail invitation

Personalisation is one of the best ways to engage your audience with your direct marketing campaign, and one company’s innovative invites have a very personal touch. More »

Direct Marketing » Trends, Best Practice | 20.08.2016

Cannes Lions print winners engage audiences of all ages

The recent Cannes Lions awards have recognised some incredible marketing campaigns, including innovative and unique print and publishing work. More »

Direct Marketing » Trends, Best Practice | 22.06.2016

A multisensory handcrafted direct mail piece

The Soundlab direct mail campaign is multidimensional and multisensory, truly conveying its meaning and engaging recipients. More »